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Singer, Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hamza Namira is being hailed as the “new Sayyid Darwish” (Al-Ahram). Often compared to Sayyid Darwish, Mohammed Mounir and Ahmed Mounib, Hamza's uniqueness is not only being one of the faces of the Arabic modern culture, but also his insistence on discussing the real and relevant social and humanitarian issues through his songs, to keep us firmly rooted in our culture and tradition, and dreaming of a better future.

Born in 1980, Hamza started to develop an interest in music during his teens, and he set about learning the guitar, keyboard, and ‘Oud. He composed his first songs and succeeded in getting a few like-minded friends together and established the band “Nomaira.”

His main musical influence is Nabil Al Bakly - a relatively unknown musician, whose group Hamza joined from 2000 to 2001. This experience greatly influenced the way music affected him and in a sense taught him the real meaning of music. Other influences in Hamza’s music include Middle Eastern, Egyptian traditional and folk music. He also likes light rock, jazz and Latin music. He admits that describing his music is a difficult task and that he’d rather leave it up to his audience to decide. In fact, Hamza loathes categorization and classification as his main goal from music is to express the way he thinks and feels towards life. He has experienced - like all the youth in his generation - the worries, conflicts, issues, and ideas that the modern world bombards us with from every direction, and he is just trying to express them through his songs.

Hamza Namira playing gitar
Hamza Namiraso seriuse see something
Hamza Namira the best perfect
Hamza Namira so cool and so handsome
Hamza Namira album

Hamza Namira so handsome

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