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Gerard Way photoshoot 2011 live

Gerard Way is older than he seems. He has boyish looks and hair dyed as red as horror-movie blood. The New Jersey native fronts punk band My Chemical Romance. He created a successful comic-book franchise, the Umbrella Academy. In the videos promoting his band’s latest, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, MCR sports superhero alter egos and ray guns. Surprisingly, Way turns 34 on Saturday 9. He has settled in L.A. with wife Lindsey and their two-year-old daughter, Bandit. It’s a remarkable lifestyle change for someone who says he once subscribed to the notion of “live fast, die young.”
You were born hours after the first Clash record was released.
Funny, I just found that out! I just read that literally a week ago.
You came into the world at the same time as punk. Is that why you feel a special attachment to it?
I never have. It’s weird. The only thing I’ve thought about is that’s the same year Elvis died. You have the death of traditional rock & roll and the birth of punk. Every record or band I’m drawn to is right around that period.
The singer got married to his partner Lyn Z in a low-key private ceremony backstage during the Projekt Revolution Tour.
So far, for Gerard, the experience has been absolute bliss. He told Rolling Stone: . “Married life is fuckin’ amazing. Especially being in a relationship that I only thought could be a fictional thing."
“It’s like knowing that there’s always somebody out there, and that’s something I’ve never known.”

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