Justin bieber new haircut

justin bieber new haircut

Dressed up in a three piece D&G tuxedo and a black tie Justin added some teen charm to the look wearing black tennis shoes with the suit
Justin Bieber is in news, as he cut his hair off. Justin Bieber haircut will be auctioned for charity. He got his haircut into shorter style for a change.

After getting honored with MVP at the All-Star celebrity game last week in Los Angeles, Justin Bieber is making news by cutting his hair off. He got his hair trimmed on the set, while recording a music video for a song with Rascal Flatts. He wrote in his twitter that, he is thinking to get his hair cut.

Justin Bieber was bit nervous before cutting his hair and admitted that, he want to change his hair cut and his new hair style appeared with a mature look. As per the sources, the hair was cut by his regular stylist Rachel. Earlier this month, he also sported with his short hair on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter. He also posed for Rolling Stone.
is cut hair would be auctioned for charity. Reportedly, the hair was given to different organizations, though the auction details have not been revealed. The auction would be held to raise the funds for animal charity. Every one would be allowed to bid for a piece of his hair.

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