Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk


Born: August 4, 1987
Birth Place: South Korea
Famous For: is an actor. Jang is most known for playing Kim Eun-ho, Hwang Jin-yi's first love in the TV drama Hwang Jin-i, and also starred in the KBS drama, Hong Gil Dong, as Prince Lee Changhwi. He has also recently gained further recognition for playing Kang Gun-Woo in the drama "Beethoven Virus" and Hwang Tae-kyung in You're Beautiful. He was also one of the actors who appeared in the
photoshoot "Kolon Christmas Photo Shoot" in 2008, along with co-actors Joo Jin Mo, Song Il-gook, Ko Soo, and Park Jae-jung. He also was a host on Tracking your X boyfriend.He's also known for his outspoken personality and tectonic dance. Though he sings for some of his dramas, he has not released any music of his own: except for a few songs done for advertisements. "Black Engine" for Mens cosmetics and skin care, and "Touch Holic" and "Just Drag" for a new touchscreen devices.
Profession : Actor, Singer, MC and Model
Hobbies : Snowboard, Skiing, Dancing, Singing, 
Education : Seoul Dong Eui Elementary, Kwang Jang Middle School, New Zealand Nelson College, Bang San High School, Hanyang University (Theater and Film major)

Jang Geun Suk is an actor, model, MC and singer from South Korea. He started his career in entertainment industry when he was 5 years old as a kindergarten catalog model. Then his first debut in drama was on 1997 in Family Sitcom: Happiness For Sale as Su Dong. When he was in middle school, he liked some Japanese singers and band then he decided to learn Japanese by himself. 

TV Series : 
2010 : Mary Stayed Out All Night - Maerineun Oebakjoong as Kang Moo Gyul
2009 : You're Beautiful - Minami Shineyo as Hwang Tae Kyung
2008 : Beethoven Virus - Betoben Baileoseu as Kang Gun Woo
2008 : Hong Gil Dong - Kwaedo Hong Gil Dong as Lee Chang Hwi
2006 : Hwang Jin Yi - Hwang Jin-i as Kim Eun Ho
2006 : Alien Sam - Eillion Saem as Bong Sam
2005 : Lovers in Prague - Peurahaui Yeonin as Yoon Gun Hee
2003 : Nonstop 4 - Nonseutob 4 as Jang Geun Suk
2003 : Drama City (The Owl Museum) - Deurama Siti as Jung Woo
2002 : The Great Ambition - Daemang as young Park Si Young
2002 : Orange - Orenji as Jang Geun Suk
2002 : Ten Luck in My Life - Nae Insaengeseo Yeol Haengun as Ji Hoon
2001 : Cummi, The Fairy - Cummi, Yojeong as Oh Myung Suk
2001 : The Story of 4 Sisters - Ne Jamae Lyagi as young Lee Young Hoon
2001 : The Reign Of Women - Yeoin Cheonha as young Jung Ryum
1999 : Mr. Nooroongji and 7 Potatoes - as Yoon Sung
1999 : An Encounter - as Ji Won
1998 : A Hug - as Won Ju
1997 : Happiness For Sale - as Su Dong

Movies :
2011 : You Are My Pet
2009 : The Case of Itaewon Homicide as Pierson (99% Speak English)
2008 : Niko and The Way to The Stars as Niko (Voice)
2008 : Baby and Me as Han Joon Su
2008 : Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do as Shin Eun Gyu
2007 : Crazy Waiting as Park Won Jae
2007 : Happy Life as Park Hyun Joon
2006 : One Missed Call Final as Ahn Jin Woo (Japanese Film)
2003 : Treasure Planet as Jim Hawkins (Voice)

Commercial Films :
The Suit House
Garden 5 with Park Shin Hye
Samsung Yepp
SK Telecom TTL
Maxim Coffee with Kim So Eun
Black Engine
Etude House BB Compact with Park Shin Hye
Etude House VIP Girl with Park Shin Hye
Maeil Dairy 
Haitai Beauty Style
School Looks
Lotte Chic Choc
2001 - 2005 : SK Telecom Ting's Exclusive Main Model
Ssang Bang Wool
Hyundai Construction
Samlip Food Corp.
Yoon's English Class
Neversports Catalog
DongA Group
J Cosi
Coca Cola
Kellogg Corn Flakes

Songs :
What Should I do - Ost. You're Beautiful
Without Words - Ost. You're Beautiful
Goodbye - Ost. You're Beautiful
Still with A.N.JELL - Ost. You're Beautiful
Promise with A.N.JELL - Ost. You're Beautiful
Fly Me to The Moon Feat. Park Shin Hye - Ost. You're Beautiful
Waiting For The Time - Ost. Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do
Full of Sunshine - Ost. Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do
We Can Make It - Wee Band (Jang Geun Suk, Tim & So Ho Young)
My Bus - Ost. Mary Stayed Out All Night
My Precious - Ost. Mary Stayed Out All Night
Just Drag - for CF
Toucholic Yepptic and Haptic Love (Single)
Can You Hear Me - Ost. Beethoven Virus
Let Me Cry
Bye Bye
Black Engine - CF single

 Awards :
2010 : KBS Drama Awards: Netizen's Award (Mary Stayed Out All Night)
2010 : KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Moon Geun Young (MSOAN)
2009 : SBS Drama Awards : Top 10 Star Award (You're Beautiful)
2009 : SBS Drama Awards : Netizen Highest Popularity Award (You're Beautiful)
2008 : KBS Drama Awards : Popular Actor Award (Hong Gil Dong)
2008 : MBC Drama Awards : Newcomer Award (Beethoven Virus)
2008 : 2nd Annual M.NET 20's Choice : Male Movie Star
2008 : 44th Baeksang Arts Awards : Best New Actor (Happy Life)
2008 : KBS Drama Awards : Best Couple Award with Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong)
2007 : 10th Annual Director's CUT Awards : Best New Rising Actor (Happy Life)
2007 : MNet TOP 100 Must Have Males #3
2006 : KBS Performance Awards : Best Couple Award with Ha Ji Won (Hwang Jin Yi)
2006 : MNet TOP 100 Adorable Males #29
2005 : Special Awards of Recognition in SBS Radio DJs
2004 : Award of Appreciation at The Youth Festival
2002 : Award of Appreciation for the Dubbing (Treasure Planet)
1994 : Grand Prize Winner at the National Flower Children Beauty Pageant
MNet TOP 100 Charming Guys Who Are Single

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