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Ever since Ranbir Kapoor debuted with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Saawariya’, he has been lined with almost each heroine he has been paired opposite, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Nargis Fakhiri and Angela Johnsson. His list of women seems never ending. He has been fed-up of his link-up stories every other day and feels shy to carry the tag of Casanova. His parents really worried about Ranbir’s image and feared that it might not spoil his career. Ranbir too feels awakard to face his family after so much loose talks.

He wants to get rid of his lover boy image and has stopped socializing with friends. He cares about his family reputation and stopped dating. Ranbir said that his parents are upset about his link-up stories published very often and now he is answerable to them.

A source from the industry tells us, “Ranbir didn’t really realise that his dating scene would affect him so much. He would ask out whichever girl he fancied. He forgot that he is a public figure and he cannot continue doing what he did back in college. So the media reported about every date that he we went for. This is a lesson for him to be more discreet rather than getting upset that it is being reported.”
His best friend Imran Khan defended Ranbir saying, “not so clean” image. Imran had said, “If he enjoys life, wine, women… there`s nothing bad about it. Ranbir`s not doing anything illegal, but if media wants to write about it, you can`t stop them.”

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ranbir kapoor In saawariya

If there’s someone in Bollywood, who is on a roll, thanks to his array of roles, then, it’s none other than Ranbir Kapoor. After having endorsed a million products in such a short duration of time, this man is yet again in the news. This time round, he gets chosen as the brand ambassador for ITC’s John Players range of clothing. With this association, ITC is aiming to add freshness, dynamism and energy to the men’s apparel brand.

Sources have confirmed that this news will be made official in a mega media meet that’s to be held tomorrow. The source adds, the reason why they chose Ranbir is because, the ITC officials felt that Ranbir was the perfect fit for the brand as he personifies the youthfulness, vibrancy and panache that the brand stands for.
With this endorsement, it looks like Ranbir is all set to give a marathon run to all the other superstars, who were till now, the ‘market leaders’ when it came to brands endorsements.

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