Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Disorder

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, 19, opened up about a mental disorder affecting his everyday life.The British millionaire admits he often has trouble trying his shoelaces.

He just suffers from dyspraxia, a specific disorder in the area of your motor skill development and is usually characterized by people having "difficulty planning and completing intended fine motor tasks" or can affect various "areas of functioning, varying from simple motor tasks such as waving goodbye to more complex tasks like brushing teeth."

Radcliffe jokingly said, "I sometimes think, 'Why, oh why, has Velcro not taken off?'"Luckily for Radcliffe, he's at the "mild" end of the disorder, where it doesn't affect him enough to impair him.

His rep also confirms the news, adding "Yes, Dan Radcliffe does have dyspraxia. This is something he has never hidden. Thankfully his condition is very mild and at worst manifests itself in an inability to ties his shoe laces and bad handwriting."
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