gerard way and lyn-z

Gerard Way married a chick

Surprising absolutely no one in the world whatsoever, Gerard Way--lead singer of My Chemical Romance--married Lyn-Z--bass player of Mindless Self Indulgence--on September 4, 2007. Lyn-Z is female, for anyone who wasn't sure.

Having often made comments about bisexuality and kissing people with beards, encouraging his male fans to take off their shirts at concerts, and shoving his tongue down rhythm guitarist Frank Iero's throat on stage, it was clear from the start that Gerard Way was a raging heterosexual.

Of course, plenty of bisexuals end up marrying someone of the opposite gender, but it's amusing to me that somewhere along the way the game that drunk girls played of "I'll make out with another girl to get a boy's attention!" has been taken by male rockstars. It's currently trendy to play the bisexual, so long as you never, never actually have a relationship with someone of the same gender.

Still, congratulations to the newlyweds. One can hope this won't stop Gerard from gaying it up.

Gerard Way kiss Lynz?????

gerard way singing

gerard way and lyn-z photo together

Gerard and his wife Lyn-Z now have a baby daughter called Bandit Lee Way. Wonderful... :P

Gerard Way and LynZ (some people write Lyn-Z, I think it's the same). They are really made for eachother :love:
They both are so cute, so funny, so crazy, so awesome... okay, stop :P
I really love bands which they have. MCR and MSI are totally amazing.

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