clemence saint-preux

The daughter of composer Saint Preux and a painter/author mother, Clémence, from a young age, grew up in an artistic world, therefore it was only natural that she would turn towards music and singing early in her life, also learning piano and guitar and taking lessons in dance and comedy. When she was 12 years of age, the young girl met Johnny Hallyday. Enchanted by her voice, he recorded the song On a tous besoin d'amour with her. The song garnered great success in France (it attained 4th place on the top 50 in November 2001). Nevertheless, she had to wait until 2005 to be reviewed on the front of the music scene.
That year, she took part in a duo with Jean-Baptiste Maunier – who had also then just made his glowing debut with the success of Choristes – the single Concerto pour deux voix. The title, which compares itself more to a vocal exercise because of the absence of words, is an adaptation of Concerto pour une voix (Concerto for one voice), composed by Saint Preux in 1969. The success was once more that of a partnership, however, and at the end of 2005, Clémence released a solo single, Sans défense (Without Defense), followed by La vie comme elle vient in the following year.
On 18 March 2007, Clémence became the fourth artist to reach a grand total of $50,000 "parts" sold on Sellaband, thereby allowing her to start recording an album.
Her first album, entitled Mes Jours (My Days), was recorded to follow directly after and scheduled to appear in shops in France on the 12 December 2007. Clémence wrote three of the fourteen songs on the disc herself.
'2011 with a new film, Perfect Baby, starring Jean-Baptiste Maunier, Deng Chao and Jane March. Also came Back to music world, soon, her album.

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