Arash Labaf (Persian. born 23 April 1977) is an Iranian-Swedish singer, dancer, entertainer and producer.
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Arash Labaf was born in Tehran, Iran. At age ten, he and his family moved to Sweden, where he still resides. In an interview with BBC Persian Television, he has mentioned that his mother and father are from the Iranian cities of Shiraz and Isfahan, respectively.Also in one of his interviews, he stated his great grandfather is Iranian Azeri.
In an interview with Arash emphasized: "My great-grandfather was an Azeri so I always feel my Azerbaijani roots.".Consequently his family moved to Malmö, Sweden. He resides in Malmö when he is not on tour and considers it his hometown. He has two younger brothers, Ashkan Labaf, a doctor, and Arsalan Labaf, a lawyer.
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