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Tamer Hosny (Arabic: تامر حسني; born August 16, 1977) is an Egyptian singer, actor, composer , director , producer and songwriter.His mother brought him up alongside his older brother Hossam in the absence of their father, Hosny Sherif Abbas. Tamer Hosny grew up with an interest with soccer and played for 9 years.He graduated from October 6 University,with a Bachelor's degree in Media Studies.

He was introduced by Salma El Shamaa to the Opera. Afterwords, he was recognized by Nasr Mahrous, the manager and owner of Free Music production company. Later on he signed a contract with Free Music in 2002. Tamer didn't debut with Sherine's first mix tape. Instead, he was featured in previous mix tapes, and one of them featured other artists like Khaled Agag and Mohamed Mounir. He released 5 Successful albums with Free Music .

Hosny starred in the 2003 Egyptian movie, Halet Hob (A State of Love).The movie featured music by Hosny himself. The movie was released in 2004. Halet Hob is a modern film addressing the issues of young people in today's Egypt, including family, immigration, work, and love, as well as how Arab immigrants are viewed and treated abroad. When Nour decides to immigrate to France, his wife refuses to go, so they decide to split the family.

Tamer Hosny has organized Charity activities supporting the families of martyrs, launched a blood donation campaign in Egypt with his fans and called upon them to donate to the victims of the latest events.

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