Priyanka Chopra - Jay Sean Scandals

Priyanka Copra is one of best Bollywood celebrity. She start her carrier as a model. She become as much famous after be a winner of Miss World 2000. Priyanka start her career as celebrity at 2002 on Thamizhan movie. Its not difficult for her to be exist on Bollywood celebrities world, she is so beautiful with perfect body, also she has a lot of talented, who make all people proud on her. At 2008 she received National Film Award for Best Actress as a female best actress. She earned a Filmfare Best Villain Award, becoming the second and last female actor to win the award after Kajol.Her best movies is Mujhse Shaadi Karogi and Aitraaz.

One great news come from Priyanka Chopra and Jay Sean who we know as song writer, rapper, beat boxer, producer. One of best magazine are written about their love story. Priyanka Chopra - Jay Sean Scandals was start since 2010. But they are saying that they are just fans of each others.
Priyanka Chopra and Jay Sean have a dinner at one of famous club night. Priyanka looks so beautiful with her white gown, her hair design is so beautiful, make her performance look so perfect. Priyanka and Jean holding each other hand, they are very nice couple.
About their rumors, Priyanka saying that she very like R&B and hip hop music, and she is one of Jean fans. They meet in one of social networks, and they become near cause they both like to discuss about music, and they are so enjoy with each other.
Priyanka Chopra and Jay Sean
Priyanka Chopra - Jay Sean Have a Dinner

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