ricky martin talk about being gay's

Ricky Martin is gay. Yes, that is right. Ricky is one of the most eligible and hottest bachelors, he was never seen with a girl.. We never heard him dating a girl even if thousands of girls are throwing themselves at him...his website saying that he is proud of being a homosexual man.Martin has popularized the songs “Vid Loca” and has twin sons from a surrogate mother; but was also the center of long speculations of questions about his true sexuality.

rumor has it that
Ricky was pressured to come out by paparazzi who had incriminating photos of him and his partner. His partner was also tired of living in the shadows and was applying pressure to Ricky.Ricky Martin says he feels "stronger than ever" while fellow celebrities have shown strong support.Ricky Martin is Gay
Ricky Martin and Boy Friend in the Beach
Ricky Martin Happyness with Boy Friend
Ricky Martin and Novio Boy Friend
Ricky Martin and Carlos Gonzalez Abello Boy Friend
Ricky Martin and Boy Friend Looks so Happy
he's talk about being gay's

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