Silpa Mohan Reddy

Silpa Mohan Reddy is the Minister for Housing, Govt of AP, India. He has been elected as an MLA from Nandyal constituency for the second consecutive time. He is also the founder of silpa real estates.

Early Life and Progress

Silpa Mohan Reddy was born in Konda Sunkesula Village of kadapa district. He studied at ZPH School in Perusomula of Kurnool dist. After matriculation he studied polytechnic course. He found a temporary job in BHEL Hyderabad during 1980 to 1983.

During that time the city was growing with tremendous speed. He observed that Bethacherla stone business is of very good demand. He decided to start this business with the help of his Father-in-laws financial help.

Soon he found success and with the help of his younger brother Chakrapani reddy he opened branches throuout the city. Later they updated the business with Rajasthan and Makhrana marbles.

In late 1990s Silpa brothers entered into realestate business where they have reached to higher peaks in business..In 2009,his daughter Shilpa got married with Abishek Reddy Pandraveti(grandson of p.s.Guruva reddy ).and his son Ravi has also got married.. Today Silpa Mohan Reddy is credited to be the one of the richest person in


Silpa's political career began with Telugu Desam Party in AP in 1997. He was nominated as a board member of NG Ranga Agricultural University. He received the prestigious National citizens Award by the central Govt. He was honoured with Mother Theressa to be felicitated with this award.

He later joined Congress Party under the leadership of Dr. Y.S.Raja Sekhar Reddy. With his assurance he constrained to Nandyal constituency politics. In 2000 municipal elections he was denied the ticket. Between 2000 to 2004 he participated with many agitations of farmers.

He became the honourary president of Nandi Raithu Samakhya. In 2003 he fought for the release of irrigation water from Srisailam Reservoir along with SPY Reddy the then municipal chairman of Nandyal. When YSR started the famous Paadayathra in 2003, Silpa also started in Nandyal Constituency. GP reddy of Eenadu has given wide coverage on the yaathra.

In 2004 Assembly elections he procured congress party ticket and won with record 49500 votes majority over the then TDP minister NMD Farooq. He and his brother Silpa Chakrapani Reddy founded Silpa Seva Samithi in Nandyal by which they started helping the poor with noninterest financing. In 2009 elections once again he won the polls with over 32000 votes on AV Subba Reddy.He is taken into the cabinet of YSR and was given the portfolio of Minister of Housing.

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