(5) Hollywood Actors Real Names and Pictures

Nicolas Cage - Nicolas Kim Coppola
With Nic Cage’s recent spell in a police cell, this change of name seems fairly ironic. Maybe it was all part of his master plan to distance himself from the Coppola family.

Michael Keaton - Michael John Douglas
Quite clearly a ploy to steer clear of a case of mistaken identity. He might have accidentally won an Oscar though.

Michael Caine - Maurice Joseph Micklewhite
Probably one of the wisest name changes in the history of letters. Maurice Micklewhite sounds more like a killer in ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ rather than a talented actor. The name would have helped him get an endorsement deal with M&Ms though. Swings and roundabouts we guess.

Marilyn Monroe - Norma Jean Mortenson - Norma Jean Baker
One of the most iconic names in cinematic history is one just plucked from the air before her first audition. A bit disappointing, much like the Enigma… or ‘The Tourist’.

Jennifer Aniston - Jennifer Anastassakis
Not the wildest change of name, as it sounds as though it stemmed from a fairly lazy teacher who couldn’t be bothered to ask how to pronounce it. Either that of Jennifer couldn't pronounce it herself. They are the only possible explanations.

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